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Michelle Helmic is Cole Academy's Homeless Education and Foster Care liaison.

She can be reached at


Our Blended Curriculum includes online learning via Waterford. Waterford Institute is a nonprofit research center and education partner that creates personalized cloud-based instruction through award-winning curriculum, content, and assessment for children aged PreK through 2nd grade.

These “third party” sites are not under the control of Cole Academy and are not covered by any privacy policy or security measures by Cole Academy, nor does Cole Academy share your personal information with these sites. Once you link to another site, you are subject to the privacy policy of that new site, and we encourage you to read the privacy statements on these sites you visit to understand their privacy practices. (Check the URL in the location bar on your Web browser to identify the site.)

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Homeless / Foster Care

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Policies and Procedures

A major component of the educational program at Cole Academy is to prepare students to conduct themselves properly and in accordance with established standards.  We have developed and implemented a Cole Academy direction based on the CHAMP Program.  


Conversation:  Can students talk to each other during this activity/transition?

Help: How can students ask questions during this activity/transition?  How do they get your attention?

Activity:  What is the task/objective of this activity/transition?  What is the expected end product?

Movement:  Can students move about during this activity/transition? Can they sharpen their pencil?

Participation:  What does appropriate student work behavior for this activity/transition look/sound like?

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